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Production is part of the genetics of Visions Media Group, as the company started creating contents and providing services while streaming independent films. Visions Media Group Services allows our customers to enjoy state-of-the-art production services and training, as it provides production, post production, studio solution and  an end-to-end graphics production service already enjoyed by many talk shows and media personalities. 

  • Video Review Service

If you've been plagued by untrue or unfair online reviews that are hurting your business, fight back with video!

  • Sit-Down Interview Segment

Schedule a visit to our Yeadon or Lansdowne studio for a sit-down interview. In this format, the viewer gets to hear you tell your story, vastly improving the possibility that the viewer will work with your firm or business.

  • Corporate Marketing Branding
  • Real Estate
  • Live Events
  • Ariel Coverage
  • Photography




  • Other video production companies’ 30 second commercials at this level normally cost $20,000 or more.
  • With our gorgeous sets, customized just for you, your product or company will stand out.
  • This is the fastest, most convenient format for video production ever.
  • We make video production efficient, clear and simple.
  • You can air on whichever TV stations or cable systems you’d like.
  • With our price, quality, and convenience, it’s a complete no-brainer!
  • For the best discount high definition half hour infomercials on the market, you’ve found the right place!