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Nefertari Nelson

Business Media Strategist Expert  & Host- Networking With Nefertari Nelson 

Host- Networking With Nefertari Nelson

Nefertari Nelson is a passionate Blogger, Published Author, Radio/TV Personality, Jewelry Designer, Social Media Specialist and Professional Matchmaker. After suffering a massive heart attack while 9 months pregnant with her 5th child, Nefertari has dedicated her life to encouraging and inspiring people on all matters of the heart and bringing People Together. Her heart felt story has been featured in magazines like Family Circle and Heartsight For the American Heart Association. Nefertari has also made several appearances on television shows including This Is Life Live on the TLC Network, Dr. Oz, World News Tonight, The Chew and The Style Network. Love of God, Family and Community are the driving forces that keeps Nefertari fighting to make a difference and it is her hope that you will join her on her journey! "Bringing People Together Two Heart At A Time" "Strong Couples=Stronger Families and Communities" - Nefertari Nelson